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  Phosphorus trichloride
Phosphorus oxychloride
Triethyl phosphite
Phosphorus pentoxide
Physicochemical properties: White amorphous powder or hexagonal.
Molecular formula: P2O5
Molecular weight: 141.95
Main use: This product is widely used in medicine, paint additives, auxiliaries, antistatic agents, titanium coupling agent, phosphorus oxychloride, chemical industry, mainly for the manufacture of high purity phosphoric acid, used as a gas and liquid desiccant , the dehydrating agent in organic synthesis, and preparation of organic phosphate.
Packing: Packed with net weight 25Kg plastic woven bag, net weight 50Kg and 200Kg iron drum. Export packing.
Transportation: During transport to ensure that the container does not leak, did not fall, do not fall, no damage. is strictly prohibited and active metal powder, alkali, peroxide, alcohol, food chemicals and other mixed mixed transport. Transport The transport vehicles should be equipped with leak Emergency equipment. transportation should prevent exposure, rain, anti-high temperature.
Quality standard: The quality test of phosphorus pentoxide carries GB/T2305-2000 standard.
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)%≥
Water insoluble%≤
Heavy metals (Pb)≤
Reducing substances (P2O3)%≤
Total nitrogen (N)% ≤
Arsenic (AS)% ≤
0.005 (for export)
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