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  Phosphorus trichloride
Phosphorus oxychloride
Triethyl phosphite
Product name: Phosphorus trichloride (industrial use) 
Physicochemical properties:
Colorless transparent or yellowish liquid with pungent smell.
Main use:
Used in the raw material intermediate for organic phosphorus pesticide; also used in industries including auxiliaries, medicine, flavor and dyes; important raw material in the......
Product name: Phosphorus oxychloride (industrial use)
Physicochemical properties:
Colorless or yellowish fuming liquid with pungent smell. It appears red yellow when dissolved in chlorine or phosphorus pentachloride........
Main use:
Mainly used in pharmaceutical, dye intermediate, plasticizer and phosphate ester. Also used as chlorating agent, organic synthesis catalyst, fire retardant, surfactant......
Product name: Phosphorus pentoxide
Physicochemical properties:
White amorphous powder or hexagonal.
Main use:
This product is widely used in medicine, paint additives, auxiliaries, antistatic agents, titanium coupling agent, phosphorus oxychloride, chemical industry, mainly for......
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